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Happy Mondays #1

UFO tips 20 mints with $Enjoy on Zora

Welcome to Happy Mondays.

A pop-up series created the instant we saw UFO had 6,128,084 $Enjoy to tip creators on Zora by Sunday. The 8th highest allocation!

It's a simple format. UFO network members select 20 mints to share an equal split of our $Enjoy allocation each week.

We did this by minting all 20 with a comment '306404 $Enjoy'. Now these artists will receive this amount added to their claim for Airdrop 2.

If you're interested to get involved and tip creators with a weekly allocation, this becomes available when you hold at least 500,000 $Enjoy.

What's Enjoy?

Where've you been?

$ENJOY, the first tradable ERC-20 token on Zora Network, is reshaping onchain media creation and curation by enabling the easy rewarding of enjoyable onchain content. Our points system recognizes unique contributions to the scene, effectively bridging the gap between online creators and enjoyoors and real-world value.

!!! Airdrop 2 will be distributed via community through mint comment tipping on Zora.

To participate, connect an account holding at least 500,000 $Enjoy and check your weekly tip allowance. The more active you are onchain, the higher your allowance will be.

If you’ve recently purchased $Enjoy, your Weekly tip allowance will become available on the following Sunday at 11pm EST

That's the TLDR.

$Enjoy is part of a trend in creator memecoins like $higher, $crash and $degen springing up from communities that are particularly active on Zora and Farcaster.

You can even mint works in these currencies. Something new is happening.

Anyhow, let's do it.

Happy Mondays #1

Happy Mondays will return...

Until then, join UFO on Farcaster.

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