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Happy Mondays #5

UFO tips 20 mints with $Enjoy on Zora

Welcome to Happy Mondays.

Where each week members from the UFO network select 20 mints to share a split of our weekly Enjoy allocation as we mint and tip creators on Zora.

This issue includes art and design, music from Songcamp, two short films, the 100th episode of GM Farcaster, photos from FarCon taken by our friends from the park in California, and the rare Aurora Australis captured this week in Tasmania.

After five issues, 100 artists have shared a total of 16,314,660 Enjoy. Minting with ETH, $higher, $enjoy and $crash across Base and Zora.

This week our allocation was 2,425,440 which is 121272 Enjoy per mint.

UFO had a 3x multiplier for our tips due to holding $higher. Next week we'll have another 3x multiplier thanks to being active with Hypersub.

If you're interested to get involved and tip creators on Zora with a weekly allocation, this becomes available when you hold at least 500,000 Enjoy.

The weekly deadline is Sunday.

What's Enjoy?

$ENJOY, the first tradable ERC-20 token on Zora Network, is reshaping onchain media creation and curation by enabling the easy rewarding of enjoyable onchain content. Our points system recognizes unique contributions to the scene, effectively bridging the gap between online creators and enjoyoors and real-world value.

Happy Mondays #5

Happy Mondays will return...

Join /ufo and drop into /enjoy on Farcaster.

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