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Increasing Novelty in 2024

accelerating time in a cartoon world

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When I was a kid I liked to read science fiction. Arthur C. Clarke. A Space Odyssey. Rendezvous with Rama. Imaginings of future technology, space travel, video phones, and digital newspapers.

Something about 2024 sounds like retro sci-fi writers imagining way into the future. Only now we're here and it's more like a Philip K. Dick novel. The bureau chief of the TikTok office meets a woman dressed in black who reveals he's living in a simulation.

We're in for high novelty. Reality bending things. Weird shit happening. Cataclysmic forces, social, cultural and ecological change. A revolutionary, turbulent time. Cartoonish and strange.

Apparently UFOs or UAPs are the official story? We saw the X-Files and now the US is saying, 'We've been recording these things for years, how crazy is this shit? They're always hovering off the coast. Anyways we don't know what they are.'

Everything all at once.

We're here in the studio working on the UFO radio station. Imagining what can happen in this year. Broadcasting music, arts and ideas. Assembling a collective network. Starting a club. Publishing. Connecting communities from around the world. Collaborating with artists, writers and musicians. Designing internet spaces.

Sounds like fun.

UFO news is the best place to be in the loop. We have news in store for January and beyond.

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