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Issue #2

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Welcome to UFO news #2.

A place to discover what’s happening from the UFO network — a growing collective of artists, musicians, and labels around the world.

Greetings to all our new readers. 2000+ UFO subscribers arrived this week. If you read through this post you'll discover music and recent releases. We're also calling out to artists about the We The Art contest from Optimism.

This newsletter was launched in collaboration with Paragraph and a quest on Layer3 which worked super well to amplify the first post. Issue #1 has 1900+ mints on Base and was trending on for days along with Still Here 00 which has 1100+ mints on Zora.

We also have a new /ufo channel on Farcaster. If you're on that network tune into the space.


UFO 45 Memetic Tribes and The Casino on Mars — Rafa & Jihad

Upcoming UFO releases:

Artists! — Enter We The Art by Jan 8th

Introducing the We The Art contest from Optimism.

Offering a 1,200,000 OP prize pool for onchain creators. Artists can apply in four categories: AI Art, Generative Art, Music, and 1of1s.

Nick Hollins from UFO is a judge in the Music category along with a number of respected figures in the onchain and creative industries.

Contest deadline is January 8, 2024 at 23:00 UTC.


The 1,200,000 OP prize pool will be split evenly among four distinct categories. For a total of up to 188 contest winners, which is a total up to 47 contest winners per category.

Each submission must be a new artwork and each winner will need to pass KYC in order to receive their prize.

How to Enter

1 Create your artwork in one of the four categories of your choice, and mint on either Zora, Base or OP Mainnet networks. All submissions must be new mints on the mentioned networks and must have been minted no further back than Nov 8th 2023.

2 Pick one of the following platforms to deploy your creation on OP Mainnet — Manifold,, Highlight,, Titles, Decent, Holograph, OpenSea.

3 Enter your submission to the contest by the January 8th deadline through this website, which has a minting flow using the relevant platforms:

We're looking forward to all of the art and music that's going to result from this contest.


notminimal. — 21

Mr Beatnick and Richard Greenan — Coasty

Richard Greenan — Sleep Scale

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