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Onchain Radio Takes To The Air

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Welcome to the first UFO news.

A channel for communicating what’s happening and signals from the UFO network.

Think of us like a radio station and magazine. Experimenting with creative discovery on the internet. A growing collective of artists, musicians, and labels from around the world. We are publishing this newsletter in collaboration with Paragraph and launching with a Quest on Layer3.

Upcoming UFO releases:

Some big news is that a collection of shows are joining UFO — onchain radio network in 2024.

Still Here joins UFO!

Welcoming Still Here, a podcast hosted by Alex Guy from Zerion. Talking with web3 citizens who are still here doing groundbreaking work.

How did they get into web3? Why are they still here? What is driving them to build? What future do they see that others don't yet recognize?

It’s fitting this show is the 2nd to join the UFO network because Zerion has been a major sponsor since we started as a podcast. Alex is Head of Growth at Zerion, he was an early guest on UFO and we’ve been collaborating ever since.

Alex and Nick Hollins recorded a conversation to preview what’s coming up on Still Here.

Sound Of Fractures ~ X

Kabuki ~ UFO 32 + X

thepark ~ X + Zora

UFO is an onchain radio network. A club for music, arts and ideas. We have community news arriving soon. Subscribe to be in the loop.

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