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Rage Against The Dying Of The Light

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In surprise news the profession of journalism and media is under siege from technology and economics. Pitchfork the latest outlet to announce layoffs. In a time of infinite content advertising models for media are broken. Tech platforms siphoned the capital. How do we pay salaries for journalists, writers, editors, publishers, curators, and everyone involved unless optimising for ever accelerating growth in a cartoon world?

We do kind of need media to help make sense of things.

As a friend said to me the other day, it's time for smart people to say fuck it and build their ideas. As fast and forcefully as possible. With all of the energy and intention. To fight and rage against the dying of the light.

What's happening is technology enabling a new paradigm. Onchain media. Web3 social. The next internet. Collectively assembling networks of internet users who create, publish, and participate in a social graph of mutual discovery onchain.

We're seeing early signs of migration away from algorithmic social feeds which are controlled by corporate interests in selling ad space. Because we live in a cartoon world we saw Elon telling Tim Cook and Apple "Go fuck yourselves" about advertising live onstage.

Apple is in this legal stoush with Epic Games, and when the judge afforded developers the right to inform users in their app about cheaper prices on web, updated Apple rules to charge 27% on transactions when users buy on web. Wild scenes.

Who owns the internet?

Vital and wonderful music, arts, releases and ideas are produced every day. People are always inventing creative ways to release their art into the world. The internet will simply design for the most optimised versions of this with ecosystems built on interoperable networks, Ethereum and the Optimism Superchain and so on.

It might be super niche for quite a while, or it'll suddenly take off.

Either way, the future of the internet loops back to the past.

People creating their own worlds.

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