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Reintroducing UFO news

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Welcome back to UFO news. A selection of news, music, releases and essays.

This is the debut issue for our team of contributors forming from the UFO Network.

UFO is developing a collective output. We are artists, musicians, founders and builders in technology and cultural scenes.

We approach this newsletter as a collective of writers. Each contributing perhaps every other issue. This series contains observations from the crypto scene, arts and culture. A place for perspectives from our interests and experiences. Talking about things we find inspiring, entertaining, significant and worthy of mention.

Higher together.

news Contributors

  • aiio [UFO]

  • Alvaro Delgado [Oval]

  • Ivano Salonia [UFO, Apollo]

  • Jihad [media dealer]

  • Leo Pastel [musician + designer]

  • Nick Hollins [UFO, Apollo]

  • Nick Smith [FAM]

  • Paff [Take Up Space]

  • Simona Pop [ENS, Optimism]

  • Steph Alinsug [FWB]

  • Yuri [747 Airlines]

Now for a special report from the UFO news desk...

Where do app recommendations you get on traditional socials come from? If we compare our feeds— how similar are they? Has your algo fed you this video already? To what extent do these algorithms consolidate the echo chambers we're in? 

It's like we're in invisible cellophane bubbles, the same info regurgitating inside, getting filled to the brim with noise. We are still living in a world where these wrappers are made by corporates determining our tastes and interests through targeted ads. We're full! 

Instead, we want to eat real content from real people, not from synthetic algorithms. We don't want a manufactured community where attention is subsidised by monetised eyeballs. 

Onchain media built on Web3 social graphs is a breath of fresh air. There's an opportunity here to amplify real voices from real people, access collectively organised knowledge and embed keys to navigate different environments. 

We're mapping something unchartered that's not meant to be tamed. /ufo

Words by aiio/ufo

A broader enablement of individuals and communities to untangle the emotional and psychological traumas we have personally and collectively amassed is required. /therapy as a means of transforming our internal landscapes in harmony with the external shifts in technology and society - or rather, as a mirror of our internal upgrades.

By addressing our inner resistance and fears, we unlock the potential to contribute with higher intent, creativity, and positive impact. This isn't just a technological upgrade; it's an invitation to redefine values, to prioritize collective well-being alongside individual advancement, and to genuinely evolve ourselves to a place where technology serves as an extension of deeper human understanding and thriving.

I invite you all to therapy.

Words by Simona Pop/therapy

Whether you view memecoins as an innovative means of capturing community value or simply as a manifestation of financial nihilism and a waste of time, there's a project that demonstrates they can also be tasteful. Launched less than two weeks ago, 747 Airlines $crash arguably boasts the most intriguing brand among all memecoins in this cycle.

Inspired by the ongoing 747 Boeing crisis and the nostalgia of retro air travel, recent initiatives from $crash include 'Radio High' by @JameeCornelia at Catalog Radio, as part of Cabin Club, the 747 brand ambassador program. This has enabled artists and creators to contribute memes to the brand, sharing and minting derivative works, which you can explore on Zora.

Take off for financial freedom now, or touch some grass; either way, check out 747 Airlines.

Words by Alvaro Delgado/oval

Since early 2019 (when Zora was doing physical items) people have been discussing the benefits of dropping streetwear on “the blockchain”.

Provenance, resale opportunities and perpetual royalties were tools that could level the playing field for brands and creators who were not capturing any of the value from sales on secondary markets. A global creative collective headquartered in NYC is taking that idea a step further and is building the worlds first interactive streetwear brand.

harmony • ny is a 1000 member streetwear collective exploring new onchain models. Membership provides early access to drops, events and content in addition to the ability to vote and decide on the brand name, appoint a creative director and curate the seasonal collections.

Words by iamnick.eth/fam

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