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UFO podcast is on Base

live now on Pods

UFO has arrived on Base.

Teaming up with Pods to accelerate the field of onchain podcasts for Oᑎᗩ↑ᖇ ᔑᑌᗰᗰEᖇ as we go live with our radio station.

UFO joins a community of podcasts on Pods including Mint Podcast, Rehash, Many Such Cases, Coop Records and Internet Explorers.

Bringing an archive of 60 episodes documenting art, music, culture and the onchain scene with impactful artists, creators and builders since 2022.

All collectors who minted podcasts on Zora have been airdropped matching tokens on Base. Episodes prior to Season 4 are not available to collect.

UFO Supporter Pass members will continue to receive podcast airdrops on autopilot.

The launch episode is UFO 60 with Malcolm Levy, Raf Katigbak and Greg Liburd, co-founders from Refraction. An artist-owned community leading the next wave of digital art, music and culture — online, onchain and IRL.

It's become our most widely distributed episode ever with 15,855 collects in 3 days, including:

⚬ 12,742 airdropped for UFO Supporters on Hypersub

⚬ 2894 mints from Layer3 Quest with OP rewards

Our launch on Pods is happening also in collaboration with Surreal and Stack.


UFO has landed on Pods in sync with Surreal introducing a collections feature which allows creators to gather their mints together.

Surreal has made UFO the very first featured collection. Appearing at top of the app for higher discovery in advance of the radio station. More to follow.

UFO karma

This Pods launch connects to UFO karma which is a reputation system inspired by Reddit. Providing a signal of onchain activity as it surfaces profiles, artistic works, connections, and collectives from the community.

Call it an experiment. A higher elevation of the internet. A non-financialised score that only goes up based on participation. Streaming into the future version of

Karma is a system designed to measure your participation in UFO and with our friends, artists, musicians and collectives in the onchain scene and beyond.

Our goal is to continually offer rewards for the UFO community and pursue collaborations that you will enjoy. Thanks to an update from Stack, karma can now be awarded for onchain actions in real time.

You heard it first on Zora

As it happens, UFO was the first podcast onchain. Minting on launch day in collaboration with Zora in June 2023.

We've been experimenting with onchain distribution from day one. Publishing onchain fits with our ethos but minting podcasts on mainnet didn't make sense.

With much lower fees on Zora Network and the innovation of 1155 contracts creating a series of tokens, the time was right to go for it.

The launch was a great moment for the show and helped connect with new listeners. Episodes airing on the Zora home page alongside brilliant artists, creators and media projects in the scene like Pattern Recognition hosted by Chuck Anderson.

The novelty of minting a podcast was high. For the first time you could discover podcasts and listen on Zora and from onchain apps like Interface and Surreal.

We met the Interface team soon after because UFO podcasts were live in their app and appearing for new listeners. You could now follow ufoclub.eth onchain and be notified whenever new episodes dropped.

Catching up to present day, it's been an incredible ride this past year. Now it's Oᑎᗩ↑ᖇ ᔑᑌᗰᗰEᖇ and we're going live with our radio station.

UFO is building fast across the Optimism Superchain on Base, OP and Zora.

Leveling up to bring music, art and culture to air with shows and contributors from our network around the world.

Expect news. For now...

⚬ UFO podcast is on Base

⚬ UFO is on Pods

⚬ Karma is updating live on Stack

⚬ Surreal has launched collections with UFO

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