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UFO Network Pass

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UFO is an onchain radio station, magazine and club for music, arts and ideas.

Today we're introducing the UFO Network Pass for contributors. The token enables broadcast access on an upcoming version of

UFO is a wild assembly of people based around the world. Artists, musicians, writers, designers, activists, filmmakers, developers, founders and collectives. Many are doing ground-breaking things in the onchain space.

The Network Pass is a hint for how UFO is taking shape. A LEGO block that will make sense later. We'll leave it up to your imagination.

How did this get made?

As usual we’re doing something new.

We got talking with Jonny Mack from Fabric and Hypersub and together we designed a new type of subscription. It had to be free and not available to mint, which are unusual characteristics.

Artists and creators such as LGHT, 0xen, Ted, 0xDesigner, Chris Carella, Sirsu and Artcaster are using Hypersub as a place for subscribers to pay for early access, exclusive content, professional services, and prizes.

Something to know about Hypersub is you subscribe for amounts of time, perhaps it's 1 month, 3 months or a year. This time gets added to your token in seconds that count down until you’d need to renew the subscription.

What's the Network Pass for?

Our interest to do this was creating this building block.

We created an initial 180 Passes and started granting them to members' wallets set for 84 months. This concept is opt-in. It's a collective experiment.

Network Pass members have the option to toggle between active and inactive. It's like setting your status on a retro internet chat like ICQ or Myspace. Being active means you can broadcast to a collective signal. Other times you might prefer to be inactive.

This framework is a way to be in sync. It's a serendipity machine. Participants benefit from shared discovery. It's similar to groups that form around a community radio station and live music scene.

With this approach the Pass is held by a spectrum of members from active UFO contributors to friends who have collaborated with us and supported the project.

There's invaluable context to be discovered from an onchain social graph.

It's a synchronicity. It’s the future of the internet.

This is only the beginning.

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