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Solstice Drop! Free Subscriptions for Early Lens Followers

thanks for being early

Today we have gifts.

UFO is preparing to launch our radio station with Oα‘Žα—©β†‘α–‡ α”‘α‘Œα—°α—°Eα–‡ on Base.

Projects and labels all over the world are creating radio shows and opening their archives including Refraction, Higher, the park, Songcamp, Oval, Vibe Ratings, Cheeks Collective, Interdependence and Take Up Space.

UFO will be a place to discover podcasts amplifying what’s happening in arts, music, technology and culture. You might know we arrived as a podcast in 2022. Secretly, UFO was always here to create a radio station.

We went from 0 to 30K followers on Lens in 9 months. In June 2023 we dropped tokens on Coinvise for early Lens followers.

12,696 people minted them.

Now it's one year later and time to reward everyone who was so early.

Early Lens followers have received a free 1 month subscription for the UFO Supporter Pass.

What can I do with a Supporter Pass?

You are subscribed onchain! You can learn more about it on the Hypersub.

Mints flow to you via airdrops. Releases arrive on autopilot. You're in the loop and stacking a UFO karma score by collecting mints and being part of the community.

Subscribers enjoy Club benefits heading into Oα‘Žα—©β†‘α–‡ α”‘α‘Œα—°α—°Eα–‡.

Thanks for arriving early.

Claim: Summer Solstice

There's an exclusive claim for original collectors live on Coinvise.

It's often good to collect things.

Collect this post to permanently own it.
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